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Start-Up from CKGSB - Where Business Dreams Come True


The Entrepreneurial DNA of CKGSB draws talent from around the world.  William Davidson is one such example.  The 26 year old has had past experience in sports entertainment, technology and education project consulting.  In this exciting and rising China economy, William is carving out his own path.



William was born in Glasgow in Scotland, UK.  He enrolled at University of Glasgow in law for his undergraduate studies and completed junior-honors year on exchange at the law school of Université Jean Moulin: Lyon 3 in Lyon, France.  Post-graduation, William took a gap year and travelled in North-western and central parts of Italy and settled in Torino.  During this time he taught English at Oxford Center and the British International School as an English teacher, gained experience in a network, software engineering role for an IBM sub-contractor and became fluent in Italian.



One year later, William returned to UK from Italy and continued legal practice studies with a graduate program at Glasgow towards a Master’s in Law. Post-graduation, William worked as a commercial contract manager and in-house counsel for Libero Professional Football Management, a leading FIFA intermediary for professional soccer players and travel management business.  In addition to legal, contract management and negotiation duties, this role involved frequent travel for business development and operations event management duties.  William around this time began to envisage creating his own sports-related education start-up.





Whilst at Libero, William began developing and market testing different start-up ideas for the company.  As COO and VP of Sales, he gained experiencein in sales, team management and business operations.



In January of 2015, William, together with a co-founder, established Astralis Sports Education.  Via cold-call telephone selling, the two co-founders built an initial client base of leading English professional soccer academies, selling key stakeholders on their vision for comprehensive educational travel programs meeting the requirements of the English FA soccer development curriculum and closing B2B contracts to this end.  Utilizing industry experience and training in law, contract management and sales, he was able to boot strap the fledgling start-up into business.
William envisages a broader future for Astralis as a global education provider, connecting individuals of different geographic heritage and inspiring in its stakeholders a passion for travelling, learning languages and seeing beyond cultural differences.  He views his own language skills as crucial in enabling him to communicate his vision for Astralis and scale the company to the widest possible market reach in geographic terms.  He is currently learning Chinese and aims to test for HSK 5 by the end of 2017.  He is excited for what the future brings and delighted to be sharing the journey with CKGSB.


The world’s 2nd largest economy, China forms an integral component of the vision for Astralis.  After completing the Confucius Institute Chinese Mandarin level 3 class, William was delighted to receive an admissions  and scholarship offer from Zhejiang University’s Guanghua Law School, arriving in China in August 2015 and enrolling on the school’s LL.M. Chinese Law program.  Studying the fundamental legal, socio-political and historical concepts underpinning P. R. China’s rapid growing economy and dynamic business environment, William leveraged the opportunity also to continue growing his business, make contacts and build China-knowledge with a view to future expansion of the business model to P.R. China. 



A young entrepreneur ambitious to develop a successful niche offering within the vast Chinese market, William requires comprehensive China-knowledge, relationship networks and start-up incubation support.  CKGSB has been his choice as the optimum environment in which to attain his ambitions.  “CKGSB’s entrepreneurial spirit, globalvision, unparalleled alumni network and profound insight into the China market have been and continue to be essential to my development and progress towards my business objectives.  The career development opportunities and alumni contact support provided by the school’s CMC facility have already proven vital in enabling me to build my network. The alumni mentoring activities have already opened doors for me within the Chinese market. Excellent partnerships exist for internship at top MNCs, leading China start-ups and exchange at leading business schools globally.”



Outside of his work, William is an amateur boxer and has represented both the University of Glasgow and his local hometown club in Scottish University and interclub tournaments.  His other hobbies are travelling, spending time with friends and classmates, and learning local languages.  He also enjoys culture, food, and music.  During his time at CKGSB, he has enjoyed immersing himself in Chinese culture, travelling and forging life-long friendships with classmates.


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